September 6, 2010

peanut brittle

{EAT} This time it is Peanut Brittle. Sugar, corn syrup, vanilla & peanuts for a delicious addictive candy that can be enjoyed year round.
Hope those of you enjoying a long weekend are having a fab one!

[AFTER EATING} I am reading Eat, Pray, Love these days and I cannot help to stop and think how much I can relate to Elizabeth Gilbert's feelings towards Italian language. Except that I have those feelings for French language. I wish I had the time to study French on a daily basis since I cannot take a three month "leave" and go to Paris to be fully immersed in the language. I have been a regular student at the Alliance Francaise for many years and in different countries... and I have the full collection of Bescherelle's, read French magazines and some nice blogs... but unfortunately, I do not have anyone to practice with. I need a French language support group ASAP!!!!!

{note to self} watching the news in French might help.

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