September 20, 2010

meet our knitters

I'm starting a new series to give you a closer look on who's behind the Fournier clothing and accessories line. All the wonderful women who carefully knit every single piece each season... for almost ten season now!

Miguelina is one of our oldest knitters. She has been with us since 2002 when we started knitting in the garage of my home in Cochabamba.
She comes to the workshop at least three times a week to deliver her finished work as well as pick up some more material to continue or to start a new project.
She is a single mom raising a son and a daughter, and she puts every cent into bringing them up.
With Fournier, Miguelina is learning new ways of knitting for babies in pima cotton and baby alpaca. Her mother has also been knitting for us for a long time.


  1. I like this idea and really like learning about these women: look forward to more!

  2. So lovely to acknowledge the people behind the scenes that help your business succeed. x

  3. Lovely to meet Miguelina too! What a courageous woman!


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