September 24, 2010

meet our knitters {Sandra}

Please meet Sandra. She's originally from Cochabamba and has been with Fournier for the last two years.
She is a strong woman that is always ready to help when needed.

Her daughter Sabrina is almost three years old and does not go to school yet. She will start kindergarten next year.

These are details of some of the things Sandra makes for Fournier using baby alpaca and bamboo.

It's truly been an amazing week at the workshop. So many exciting things lie ahead for the next three months. We're preparing orders for new stores in Europe and the United States as well as working on designs for the new Fall-Winter 2011/12 Collection. Expect lots more next week...
I will spend my weekend going to an early meditation class tomorrow followed by a yoga class, and then relaxing with my family.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friends!


  1. Lovely to meet the talented Sandra!

  2. Your post is lovely and congrats on your success! We have a little one on the way but we don't know what we are having. When our little one arrives we will be sure to check out your amazon shop. All the best and have happy weekend.

  3. Thank you! they are all so talented, each of them making something different with their own hands.


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