September 28, 2010

meet our knitters {Rosa}

I'm glad to introduce you to Rosa . She was born 34 years ago in Oruro and has been working with Fournier for less than one year. She is a master in sewing pieces of knit together to finish them. This is of great help to us since some of the knitters do not know yet how to make a nice invisible seam.

Rosa has four kids: Evelyn her eldest (12 years old) who is already learning to knit, Wimmer (10 years old), Randy (8 years old), and Yoselyn (5 years old).


  1. Lovely post! I love seeing the behind the scenes and meeting Rosa.

  2. Wow, love these pictures. I wish my studio was in warm and colourful Costa Rica instead of cold and grey Rotterdam (Holland)!


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