September 15, 2010

grilling vegetables

For the longest time I've been craving grilled vegetables but the weather has not been cooperating until yesterday which also coincided with a holiday in Bolivia.
We grilled eggplant, yellow and red bell peppers and asparagus. Then we marinated them in olive oil, lemon and garlic with a dash of rock salt.
Also on the menu, rosemary baked potatoes and grilled chicken.... I still need a tutorial on how to photograph chicken.


  1. Grilled veggies = YUMMY!

    I make them in the oven, first with rapid convection bake and then last minutes on broil. This is super quick and easy. My marinade is olive oil, sea salt, and a dash of organic red wine vinegar. I just put the veggies on a platter and brush the mixture on top.

  2. Will definitely try your marinade! I don't think I can find organic vinegar down here but will try it with the regular one :-)

  3. yum, i love those too...
    when we bbq i always get lots of veggies and, funny, lots of people are surprised... seems like they had the idea to put something else than a steak:)


  4. One of my favorites and so easy to do, i usually just put olive oil, garlic and soy sauce on my vegetable and put them on the grill. 10 minute food so easy and nice.


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