August 3, 2010

retro delights {the magnolia bakery}

It is a dream for retro cake bakers, Sex and the City fans, and cupcake lovers. The Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street usually has queues of drooling customers stretching out the door and down the street, but this time it was early in the morning and we avoided the crowds and were able to take some photos inside the store.

Every baked treat is made right there in the shop, with fresh cupcakes iced right in front of you. There are other cupcake shops in the city with a similar feel, but for the original and best cupcake, head down to the Village {corner of Bleeker & 11th)

at the corner of Bleeker & 11th {West Village}

classic vanilla cupcake with icing & sprinkles

window display. Gotta love the mixer!

retro style aprons for mommies & their daughters

a full menu of drinks. Stay for breakfast or afternoon coffee if you are lucky to get one of the three or four tables they have

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