August 2, 2010

playtime new york

Today it was the last day of Playtime New York. It was definitely a great show. New accounts, new friends, lots of photos and so much fun!

{Welcome to Playtime New York. In the heart of Soho in a newly renovated building and space on Mercer Street... it could not get better than that}

over-sized embroidered white dresses welcoming guests to the show

reception area & another over-sized dress... love it!

art on the walls

my favorite installation-trend space at the show by tamar mogendorff

colorful installation-trend space with fruits and bright colored outfits & accessories

view of my aisle

catering & lounge area decor. Very creative!!

lounge area

We were treated with delicious wine and sweets every afternoon! A great way to wrap up a day of work! I especially loved the sweet strawberries.

afternoon sweets
Align Center
and wine

Thank you Playtime team!!! You really outdid yourselves in creating a special place for us and the wonderful buyers who attended this first edition of Playtime. Already looking forward to the next show.

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