August 16, 2010

mother's day

Motherhood is a 365 day a year job... but yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day with little treats I love {"tamalitos", "causa", turkey, pear spice cake}
My husband and kids are generally awesome about Mother’s Day. Our mothers are not near us, so we spend it together with our own family. We cook together and then lunch followed by a homemade dessert & coffee.
I miss honoring my mom, but I have not lived close to her for the last 13 years, so we try to call her very early in the morning to wish her a wonderful day! Luckily, my brother's family live next to her, so I know she'll spend the day with my two adorable nephews.
As my kids get older, I really miss the handmade gifts from school. Those always brighten my day! I did not get any yesterday as Mother's Day in Bolivia is celebrated in May. Then we had festivities at school... but to me the day to celebrate it is still August 15.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL mom's.

corn husks to wrap the "tamalitos"

"aji amarillo" sauce

shrimp & avocado for the "causa"

making the "causa" on a loaf pan

making the "tamalitos"

pan full of "tamalitos" ready for boiling

"tamalitos" ready to eat

shrimp "causa"

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