August 5, 2010

m&m's world

M&M’s World New York is located in Times Square and it really is a world of its own. There are three floors filled with every possible M&M souvenir you can imagine. Along the walls you’ll find huge tubes filled with every color M&M available.
My kids could not resist the enormous video screen showing M&M's related entertainment, especially the blue m&m keeping a close eye on them... very cute!

According to the bag of all Green M & Ms, green is the "New Color of Love"

these candy tubes made me think of Easter

peanut bright colored m&m's

pre-mixed tubes with various themes

one of my favorites was this green m&m bag

a towering 17 foot green M&M girl as Lady Liberty and on a shopping spree {pearl necklace included}... just in case you forget where you are

note: the green m&m is the only female of all the m&m colors

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  1. I love that they make them in every single colour imaginable. They'd make a perfect little accessory for a room.


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