August 1, 2010

lego store

A month ago Lego opened its first New York City flagship store in the heart of Rockefeller Center and last Thursday we got a chance to take a closer look. Anyway, Sebastian made me promise I would take him to the Lego store as soon as we got to the city.
The centerpiece is a large Rockefeller Center replica. It’s filled with LEGO people and details that required prolonged examination. The Magnolia Bakery building is also there! but instead of a cupcake there is a croissant on the window ledge.

huge Lego dragon winds itself throughout the store

This LEGO Store houses the company’s biggest Pick-A-Brick wall, with 116 bubbles filled with individual LEGO pieces including hard-to-find pink and clear bricks, fences, flowers, windows, doors, palm leaves and wheels.

"Build a Mini" station, which consists of figural components that allow you to custom configure mini LEGO people. With hundreds of combinations of facial expressions, clothing, hair styles, and headgear, the possibilities seem endless for kids.

Sebastian created these firemen and policemen at the "Build a Mini" station

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