August 17, 2010

key lime pie

My daughter Daniela made Key Lime pie yesterday. I helped her only with the icing and pastry bag.


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous and I want a piece! Congrats to Daniela, and to Mom for the pictures....

  2. Thank you! We enjoy very much cooking together. She wants to do everything ha ha.

  3. hi, nice to meet you ! Compliments to Daniela your cake looks delicious !! I love your pictures so much, I find them so inspirating ..That I bought a camera to share my vacation daughters are asking for the cake recipe...Ciao from St Moritz

  4. oh how i miss key lime pies! did your daughter really make the one on the photo?? i am impressed and hungry!! xo

  5. She did. I helped her with the oven, reading the recipe and the icing. She is still young to work with the pastry bag, but learning :-)
    Waiting to see photos on your blog about the summer holiday :-)


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