July 23, 2010

my neck of the woods

We're home! It is amazing how things have changed in only two years in "my neck of the woods" {Costa Rica}, but the one thing I missed the most has not changed one bit... the wonderful green mountains that one can see anywhere you stand around the city of San Jose.

This is the rainy season and it has been pouring every afternoon since we got here last Wednesday. I also missed that as I had not seen water falling from the sky in arid Bolivia for a few months.
This visit is strictly devoted to family since it is just for five days as I have to be in New York for Playtime next Thursday.


  1. so beautiful anabel! we are headed there for our honeymoon in october, i can't wait! :)

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  3. Alasandra you are going to love it!!!! So happy you chose Costa Rica for your honeymoon! :-)


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