July 30, 2010

rain forest premium water

A unique packaging for something so simple like water.

July 27, 2010


Growing up, desserts rarely consisted of complicated cakes or pastries. Instead we would eat the fruit in our garden. We had guavas, mangoes, oranges, lemons, mandarin oranges, and "jocotes".
"Jocotes" can be eaten unripe and green, or when the fruit has ripened and has a dark red color. I like to eat them before ripening with salt.
During the harvesting seasons, jocotes are offered in abundance by street vendors at main traffic intersections, often sold in plastic bags that include 20-30 jocotes and a small bag of salt used to flavor them.

This fruit is truly addictive. I could get into a fight with my brother over a bag of "jocotes". If you'd tried them you'll know what I'm talking about!!

Sometimes desserts and snacks need to remain this simple and easy.

Read more about "jocotes" here.

July 26, 2010

rainy afternoon

It was one of those afternoons when you wish you could stay home watching the rain or sleeping. We enjoyed it going to our favorite coffee shop.

chocolate covered marshmallow, strawberry tartelette, caramel eclair & vanilla cake

Tomorrow is my nephew Alberto's last day of school... well, he is now going to the "adult school" as he says. Actually, he is leaving his kindergarten to go to the school where he will probably spend his elementary and middle school years.
For his farewell party, my sister-in-law baked these yummy devil's food cupcakes and decorated them with chocolate ganache and mini m&m's. The kids are going to love them.

July 25, 2010

lunch amidst the rainforest

What can I say.... one of the things I miss the most from Costa Rica is the food, so yesterday we went to the highlands of Alajuela to a very nice restaurant to have typical food for lunch. Patacones, tortillas, yuca frita, refried beans and carne mechada or ropa vieja among other things on the menu.

view of the green houses along the way

coffee plantations

"yuca frita & tortillas"

"patacones filled with guacamole, refried beans & salsa"

huge cheese tortillas with "carne mechada, picadillo de papa & refried beans"

July 23, 2010

my neck of the woods

We're home! It is amazing how things have changed in only two years in "my neck of the woods" {Costa Rica}, but the one thing I missed the most has not changed one bit... the wonderful green mountains that one can see anywhere you stand around the city of San Jose.

This is the rainy season and it has been pouring every afternoon since we got here last Wednesday. I also missed that as I had not seen water falling from the sky in arid Bolivia for a few months.
This visit is strictly devoted to family since it is just for five days as I have to be in New York for Playtime next Thursday.

July 20, 2010

enjoying summer

{summer holiday} Yes! We've been in Miami for a week now enjoying the warm weather, fresh catch and shopping. Tomorrow we're going down to Costa Rica for a few days... to enjoy the rain we miss so much in Bolivia.
Hope you're all having a great summer!

July 16, 2010

anchor necklaces

These anchor necklaces are from my Spring-Summer 2011 collection for girls. The anchors come in three different colors with contrasting "ropes". Everything crochet!!!

I also have anchor necklaces for the mommies! with pewter beads, thicker "ropes" and larger anchors. Coming soon!

July 12, 2010

anchor bags

Printing this morning for linen bags with anchors.

July 8, 2010


For Spring-summer 2011 I have been working on lots of accessories for girls. These are my "cholitas".... They will be handbags in the colors of the collection.

July 6, 2010

wish to be here

It was 40 degrees in New York today.... but it was 7 degrees here this morning.

I'd rather be here...

Photography: by me

July 5, 2010

embroidery weekend

This is a glimpse of the embroidery I have been working on for the collection of bags I designed for Walisuma.
I used pima cotton yarn on alpaca tweed.

July 3, 2010

a bohemian lunch

I discovered this place a few months ago when I started going to La Paz almost weekly for work meetings.
It is a dark bohemian restaurant located in a colonial mansion in the heart of the city. Antiques fill every corner and wall. Old photographs are attached to the ceiling, mismatched chairs, old wooden tables... objects of all kinds.
The food is good and simple. I recommend the Basque Trout with Quinoa Risotto.
Located on Calle Linares 922, next to the Coca Museum.

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