June 21, 2010

a weekend in Sucre {Bolivia}

Last Friday we traveled to Sucre for the weekend. I have not been to this beautiful city in more than six years. This time we stayed at the Parador de Santa Maria la Real, a charming boutique hotel that opened only four years ago and which is only one block away from the main square.

Metropolitan Cathedral

view of the Cathedral from our hotel

Sucre is also known as the White City, and its proud inhabitants consider it the most beautiful city in Bolivia. It was declared a Monument of the Americas and Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Patrimony of Humanity) by UNESCO.

unique way of displaying the map of tourist attractions posted on some of the
walls across the city center

hotel's central patio

wall decoration as one goes up to the second floor

guestroom balconies overlooking the central patio

exquisite decor at the lobby and lounge

A must visit is the Textile Museum - ASUR. It houses pieces of art in the form of textiles that provide a real insight into Bolivia's local cultures. In the collection from the Tarabuco culture, the artists would only weave images of what they knew - people working, animals and dancers.

Textile from Tarabuco displayed at the Museum

In addition to viewing textiles, you can also see artists at work using ancient
techniques of weaving.


  1. Nice place!! When I get a chance to visit Bolivia I'm staying there too :-)

  2. Wow - how amazing! I love white - to have a whole white city is so appealing. Your photos of the fabrics in the museum are gorgeous. Love the blue cafe chairs too!

  3. Your photos are so inspiring. Hope we get a chance to visit Bolivia and Sucre one day!

  4. It is a beautiful city! Just a short flight from major cities (La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz), so even a one night visit is doable while in Bolivia. We also went to Potosi. Will be talking about that later :=)


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