June 3, 2010

felt beads

Felt is by far one of my favorite materials to work with. I tried felting in Costa Rica years ago because I wanted to make beads for necklaces. My results were not as nice as the ones in these photos. I think I did not use the right yarn for the job. It is a time consuming process and you need a lot of space to do it properly.
There are a few groups of people making felt products in Bolivia now. Most of them are in the city of La Paz. They make everything from slippers to felt bead necklaces. I buy their necklaces and then cut them to transform the beads into my own creations.

this is a necklace I bought on the street in Italy four years ago.

these are the beads made in Bolivia. I love the earth colors but would like them to come in bigger sizes for different projects.

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