May 11, 2010

tapestry crochet

Since last Saturday I have been working on this tapestry crochet piece. It is my first time doing tapestry crochet and honestly it is harder than I thought when I read the instructions.
The stitch is very simple (single crochet) but knitting in circle with three colors at the same time is not easy... or I must practice and in a few weeks it'll be better???


  1. Beautiful colours... it doesn't look too uneven to me; perhaps it will just need blocking when it's done?

  2. Yes, it needs blocking when finished. I am trying to make one of those "mochilas". I got one as a gift for my birthday in beautiful colors and design, so I decided to explore the technique. I think I am using a thread that is too thin....

  3. This is looking good! Fun to try a new technique - but difficult too. I have worked with 2 threads before, but 3 must be really complicated.


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