May 8, 2010

some shopping in Lima

I did not have much time to go shopping in Lima, but I did manage to visit two of my favorite galleries in town, Dedalo and Indigo.

Indigo is located on a quiet street in San Isidro. At Indigo you wander through at least six different rooms filled with unique items. There's a selection of whimsical ceramics inspired by traditional designs, as well as modern pieces. In the center of it all is an open-air cafe.

Indigo's entrance display of a llama family

at Indigo

at Indigo

Barranco street shopping

Barranco street shopping

In a mansion on Barranco’s designer store strip, D├ędalo brims with home wares, books, toys, unique furniture, designer clothes, fine alpaca shawls, handbags, ceramics and locally crafted jewelery.

garden cafe at Dedalo

love this necklaces at Dedalo's exhibition space

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