May 17, 2010

call in sick

Grandma's remedy: Hot lemonade sweetened with honey & rest. My remedy: Medicines as in antibiotics and decongestants + bed + tissues + Grandma's remedies.
I thought I would have a very productive week. On my calendar I have meetings, travels, picking up samples from suppliers, cutting fabric, knitting... but this morning I woke up in pretty bad shape with a cold that I should have attacked days ago. I dragged myself out of bed to take Sebastian to school and then come back home to sleep most of the day. Late afternoon I managed to put some pieces together for a necklace and take a few photos.
Anyway, I hope I'll wake up tomorrow feeling better so I can take my kid to school and do some work.

Wish you all a happy and productive week!

{Grandma also recommends chicken soup, but I don't like it}

grandma's remedy

dove gray pima cotton & pewter beads

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  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2010

    Yes to antibiotics! whatever gets you well fastest...
    I'm loving those pewter beads and can't wait to see more (when you're better!)


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