April 7, 2010


These are some of my new sisal bag styles. I shipped these last week to England and they're going to a friend's trunk show soon. Will keep you updated on dates and venue.

Chocolate, putty & ivory stripes with oyster crochet flowers. Ivory colored bone beads & chocolate recycled beads.

Maize & steel blue stripes with steel blue pima cotton crochet flowers. The beads are recycled glass from Mali.

Navy blue & ivory stripes with bright red pima cotton crochet flowers. Ivory colored bone beads & recycled glass painted beads from Mali.

Eggplant & forest green stripes with silver/gray pima cotton crochet flowers. Frosted recycled beads from Mali.


  1. These are beautiful. I am sure they will do well in the trunk show!
    [trunk show - that's new terminology for me]

  2. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to the show but not the altitude in La Paz. Kids are going with me. Hope they don't get sick with "xorochi"

  3. Beautiful bags! The navy blue striped bag is super lovely!


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