April 2, 2010

happy easter

Happy Friday, Happy Easter, Happy Passover!!!! & Welcome April.

For us fall is here and I feel like my entire mood has lifted because I could not stand the heat anymore. Feels wonderful to wear a sweater and scarf again.

I am very excited about this month! I am looking forward to my trunk show in La Paz next weekend, going to Peru for my birthday at the end of the month, and making a donation to charities in Kenya through the AWA-Kenya {tell you more about that later}.

Here’s to a wonderful April! sure it's going to be a great month and I will be sharing it with your through my images on this blog. I cannot believe it has been a year since I started this space.

So do you have any plans for this weekend? I will be home with my family baking cookies and cakes, having lunch with friends, and waiting for Easter Bunny on Sunday. Wishing everyone a lovely Easter holiday. Hope the Easter Bunny is generous to each one of you and indulge in all the sweets and treats. See you next week!!

To decorate the house we painted a tree branch in yellow and made some crochet and origami paper eggs.


  1. I have been busy, and I haven't kept up with all your Easter loveliness! Very inspiring! [My kids are grown up, but I still usually do something creative and Easter-ish, but I just didn't get round to it this year.]
    I am also so pleased to have Autumn almost here. It has not cooled down too much yet, but hopefully the worst of the heat is past now!

  2. The origami eggs were very difficult to make. I lost my patience on the second egg... managed to make four of them. Then I just crochet the others :-))


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