April 5, 2010

easter sunday {cakes}

Happy Monday everyone! My Easter weekend was filled with loads of leisurely activities: lunch with friends, bread and cake baking in our new oven, laughing with kids while looking for eggs in our garden, and enjoying the time off. I hope you had a lovely weekend too!
I have always wanted to make a vegetable patch cake for Easter! this year I had the time and patience to seat for endless hours to make the chocolate fudge cake and decorate it with eggplants, lettuce, corn, carrots, tomatoes, watermelons, Easter eggs, flowers and of course Easter bunny.
I also made a "mille feuille" (I call it "torta chilena" and fill it with dulce de leche instead of vanilla custard) and decorate it with pink flowers, hand painted fondant eggs and Easter bunny.


  1. Anabel: That cake is just GORGEOUS! It's a work of art! Wish I was there to have a bite.... Glad you had a nice weekend; our weather was beautiful; I did lots of gardening!

  2. Thank you dear!!!! I enjoyed making it and Daniela also helped with the eggs :-) Glad you had a nice weekend and celebration!

  3. Wow. You really are multi-talented.


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