March 16, 2010

shades of blue

These khangas are from Zanzibar. I bought them at a shop in Stone Town a few months ago. On Friday they will be tops and dresses...


  1. i love blue - 'rediscovered' it last spring. i've never heard of khangas, though, so i'm going to look them up =)

  2. I love blue, especially navy blue. Can't leave it out when I design a new collection.

  3. I love this fabric. It is beautiful.

  4. I really like the peasant style of the red floral top. Would love to see a dress of this style? In fact, I was going to contact a fundi next week to see if he can make me a peasant style dress from kanga. Do you have anything like this? I live up country and will be in Nbo next week.

  5. I currently don't have it. I shipped everything to England last week. A friend of mine is there and going to Nigeria next week. She will have a trunk show in Lagos at the end of the month with all the khanga wear and also knits from my Fournier collection. Send me your email so I can send you other photos :-))


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