March 4, 2010

friday thoughts

Hello Friday!!! It is the end of a week I thought would be a crappy one. It ended up being a great week, full of surprises.

{ups} I shipped all of my spring-summer orders and every single piece looked wonderful.

It was a great week also because I finally made a business decision that I should have made in the beginning of December last year when I already knew that I had to take it; it was just plain hard and deep inside I thought that it could work out and that I was giving an opportunity... it did not work out. Anyway, I feel relieved and with lots of energy!
It was a great week because I could teach my kids a life lesson, one that they still do not understand very well, but they could take out from it what is wrong and what is right.
It was a great week also because as I write these lines I am booking trunk shows for my line of women's clothing. Very exciting!!!!
It was a great week because I have been in contact with friends and family a lot more this week. It has meant a lot to me to receive so many emails and phone calls. Thank you guys!

{the not so great} I realized that the words transparency, trust, honesty and friendship can be taken for granted.
For two solid days, every major road in Bolivia has been blocked by a massive transport strike which paralized most of the economic activity in the country. These are some photos I took not very far away from my home yesterday afternoon. When I took the photos the strike was over but the stones on the roads were still there. I had to move a few of them to go through.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will be staying home watching the rain, reading and spending some very well deserved time with my family.

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