March 23, 2010


Well this was a tough day... I spent ALL day trying to make a screen for printing. Design, make the screen, add emulsion to screen, expose it to light and then the hard part, to get the negative part of the design out from the screen with water. Nothing worked! and I spent all afternoon with a spray bottle in my hand hoping that in the end it would. It didn't... I will try again tomorrow with another screen - same design.

Hope I can show some photos tomorrow of the good or the bad.

By the way the new design is called Alhambra Tiles.


  1. I screenprint a lot but I'm always nervous because you never know how it will go !

  2. Oh Dear, you really need to use a (high-pressure) power hose to wash out emulsion.

  3. I used one but I think it was the photo emulsion I used. I changed now and it is a lot better :-))


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