February 26, 2010

weekend already

weekends are for one thing.... or should be... **putting your feet up and spend well deserved time away from the computer** Unfortunately, not this weekend! I'll be counting, checking, finishing, invoicing spring-summer merchandise to be shipped on Monday {can you believe it's March already?}
While all the new pieces that the knitters brought in today were drying, I baked crumb cake for some friends that came over to visit and see the new accessories I'm working on. Can't wait to finish this new collection.  
What are you up to this weekend? Thanks for stopping this week! 

Have a good one!


  1. You are so very talented.....I just love the booties that you have made. Have a great week!!!

  2. Thank you! I had my kids in booties until they were almost 12 months. They are so comfortable and look so good on babies!

  3. save me a piece! have a great week anabel!


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