February 11, 2010

last minute preparations for carnival

It is carnival weekend in Bolivia and we spent all afternoon working on the final details on the outfits for tomorrow's dance at school. My kids are having a celebration just like the ones on the streets of every major city and town in Bolivia.

Many people from every corner of Bolivia and abroad travel to Oruro to celebrate the biggest event of the year in the country. Oruro's carnival was declared one of Mankind's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001.

Carnival celebrations last three days and nights, with over forty groups dancing through the city over a route of about four kilometers. Each group of dancers represent various indigenous forms of dance, and are accompanied by several local bands. The procession lasts twenty hours. Some of the dances are Caporales, the famous Diablada, Morenada, Waca Waca, Pujllay and others. My favorite is the Tinku.

Daniela and Sebastian will be both dancing Caporales. She'll wear a blue dress embroidered with silver sequins and Sebastian this purple outfit with multicolored sequins and silver trimmings. He did not want to take off the purple boots this afternoon...

It was real fun to play with the outfits but I feel like I did not get anything else done, or at least did not finish anything that I started early in the morning.

We're off to Santa Cruz on Saturday morning and my feeling is that I will spend the four day holiday glued to my laptop trying to answer emails and finish some designs I started on Illustrator, even though I am not a fan of design work on a small laptop screen.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!


  1. What great fun, everyone loves some sequins and a chance to dress up!

    Victoria xx

  2. It was very nice. All the kids in their costumes!! cute


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