February 12, 2010

happy v-day

Happy v-day everyone! I made crochet hearts in pink pima cotton for my daughter's Valentine's Day Party next week. She invited her best friends and we'll make cards, banners, bake cupcakes and decorate them... a fun day with the girls. We could not have the party this weekend because we are going to Santa Cruz for the carnival holiday.


  1. What lovely hearts! Thank you for stopping by The Swelle Life. I'm glad you did, now I can see your work. I'm going to visit your shop when my best friend has her baby this spring! ♥

  2. thank you! I am working on my new website and hopefully will have another shop there with more baby items. I love to crochet and these hearts were my daughter's request for her Valentine's party!

  3. What beautiful pink hearts. An interesting pattern - I crocheted my first hearts the other day, but they were made from the centre out. The pearls go so well with the hearts.


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