February 7, 2010

chez Kasia {Lagos, Nigeria}

On February 3rd, my dear friend Kasia had a trunk show and sale of the collection of women's wear and accessories I design. It took place at her house in Lagos, Nigeria.
She outdid herself in creating a unique shopping environment for her friends in her new adoptive city {she moved to Lagos just over a year ago}. Kasia not only took care of all her customers but also baked yummy treats to host them at an all day event.
I wish I could have been there, but instead Kasia was very kind to share these photos. Thank you!!!

Don't miss my next Thursday's blog post featuring an interview with Kasia to learn about her amazing life and inspiring yoga practice.

Wooden racks with linen tops and dresses displayed in her living room. Also one of the linen bags that I designed and personally embroidered is displayed on the rack!!!!


  1. Thank you Anabel, it looks so nice the way you put it all together.kisses.xxxxx

  2. It was Kasia by the way, I don't know why it says anonymous... sounds very mysterious ha ha....

  3. you are truly an amazing designer and it's great to see your designs reaching such places like Nigeria... congrats!

  4. Wow!! It looks wonderful. Looking forward to learn more about Kasia and her yoga.

  5. Congrats!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment :)
    I saw on your blog that you do beautiful fabric flowers as well!
    Have a wonderful week,


  6. thank you Thili! Yes I have been making flowers with linen when using fabric. In all my collections I include some crochet flower brooches using different yarns. Fun to make them!!!

  7. I love the simple elegance of your clothes Ana. You are the maven of style! x

  8. Oh Thea, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I am thrilled to see them in new places like Nigeria now.


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