February 4, 2010

bubble london

It's been a while since my last post, but I have been busy with the collection and Bubble show in London.
It was a great show! I opened new accounts not only in the UK but also in Spain, Norway, France, Japan and others. Some of my regular customers also stopped by to place orders.

I decorated my booth with pom-poms I made in different sizes and colors. They looked as if they were floating in the air.

The plaza in the center of the show was furnished with modern chairs and oversized letter cushions.


  1. Love these images! So sad that Bubble New York has been canceled. The new line looks absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. Well done, once again!:) I love the flying pom-poms!

  3. Wow Anabel! I love that your impeccable style is reflected in your booth decorating too. This is very inspiring for me as I plan to do a major trade show later this year. Good luck with it. x

  4. Thank you girls!!! It was a really good show. I am very happy I was able to attend and that people loved the collection. Now I cannot wait to get home and see my kids!

  5. So glad the show went well. I love the light and airy pom-pom decor!

  6. Thank you Denise. I had to leave the pom-poms there because they were to heavy to takek them back with me :-(( but they looked really nice!!!


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