February 22, 2010


I've spent a good part of my weekend packing spring merchandise to be shipped to stores and private label customers this week. We had some rain over the weekend which delayed the process a bit. FedEx guy had to wait at our door while we finished closing the last boxes.

This is part of the merchandise that will reach some of our customers in New York next week.

Hats & booties ready for ironing and labeling.

Hats, sweaters, pants and booties as they finished drying &
ready for the finishing touches.

Custom made booties with ivory satin ribbon.


  1. So beautiful. Come on over for a unique giveaway.

  2. thanks fro coming around my blog. I didn't have the time to browse through yours until now. I've discovered a very delicate world. And I love the party pictures amongst others. Thanks :)

  3. Just gorgeous, Anabel! Thanks for your comment and visit.

  4. Lovely lovely lovely! As always!

  5. Thank you! We are still packing, packing these days. Hopefully finish in two weeks....


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