January 26, 2010

tamale filling

In my family we like to eat tamales year round, not only for Christmas. Usually we make corn tamales with chicken filling and we add olives, prunes and sometimes capers. It can take all day to make 3 dozen tamales but then we freeze some of them to eat later.


  1. Good grief, that looks delicious. I've only ever made one batch of tamales (masa is hard to come by in the UK!) But this might have inspired me to make another batch!

  2. We actually make the masa with fresh corn. We mashed. After it is mashed we season it then we put the filling and wrap in the banana leaves before cooking in boiling water. So much time!!!! but they are delicious!

  3. Anabel, te felicito, sos toda una artista. Te deseo muchos exitos....soy Fiorella Ferlini Truque, la amiga de tus primitas Karla y Natalia....te mando un gran abrazo, me ha encantado todo lo que he visto, segui dejando bien en alto el nombre de Costa Rica, que orgullo!!!!!
    Inmendiatamente hago click en "me gusta" en tu pag. de FB, para seguirte los pasos....muchos exitos, con cari;o, Fiorella.


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