January 15, 2010

lavender + wisteria + shades of...

Lavender is a great color to work with but sometimes difficult. I usually use it as a accent on my designs because it looks amazing on knitted flowers and ribbon.
I am trying to finish some necklaces and brooches for my next collection using lavender pima cotton and some shantung in a wisteria color. On some of the flowers I'm using an ecru center or petals for contrast. Let's see how it goes this weekend...

Happy weekend!


  1. sometimes bits of color can be so beautiful. lovely.
    xox alison

  2. Thank you! I love color but sometimes just go for the softest shades..

  3. Hi Anabel, your blog is beautiful! Thank you for visiting me. I will definitely be back to see more of your gorgeous work! xo


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