January 12, 2010

back to work

During the holidays I had some time to work on a new accessories line that I will be posting here in the next few weeks. This is a baby alpaca scarf made in crochet. I used a combination of stitches to make the ruffles. It adjusts to the neck perfectly or it can be left loose if you're indoors.


  1. This is beautiful. Where are your things available to buy?

  2. Thank you!!! I am working on the line now and hopefully will be available online very soon. See you live in London. You have a beautiful blog. I will be in London in two weeks for the Bubble show. Hope the weather improves a bit.

  3. I like to stop by too and whisper with you. Your blog looks just like your designs, so peaceful and soft

  4. Thank you Helen! I feel gifted to be able to work on what I love every day and now be able to share it with other people.


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