December 21, 2010

happy holidays

I am in Costa Rica for the holidays... enjoying the wonderful weather and time with my family and friends.
Hope you finished your Christmas shopping and are ready for Santa this coming weekend.

December 15, 2010

street images

Wrapping up today my posts of street images from Bolivia with lots of color... and unique dancing shoes.

December 14, 2010

street images

A bit of Bolivian folklore at it's best being passed on at a very early age.

{Cochabamba, Bolivia}

December 8, 2010

street images {shopping along the street}

{La Paz}


December 7, 2010

street images {a celebration}

As seen on my way to La Paz from El Alto last Sunday.

December 3, 2010

street images {women}

The aguayo cloth is used by local women to carry their babies and everything else they have to transport.
Notice that most of them use a plastic striped tote which is the Bolivian "market bag".

Long skirts are used mostly by women from the Altiplano region.

December 2, 2010

street images {breakfast}

Street vendors in Cochabamba serving breakfast. A typical street scene every morning.
By the way, the name Cochabamba comes from "Kocha Pampa" meaning Lake Valley.

December 1, 2010

ready for fall-winter 2011/12

It has been a week since I was here...
I have been finishing the details on the samples for fall-winter 2011/12, making lookbooks, taking photos, going back and forth from the printers and making sure the samples can leave for Amsterdam next Monday.
I have also been packing because the good news are that we are moving to Washington, DC next January. We are all very excited about the move and change, especially me! I will be coming back to Bolivia frequently but only for work.
Before I leave in 10 days I would like to have a series of postings about people's daily life in Cochabamba. Starting tomorrow!

{fournier fall-winter 2011/12 cards}

{banners hanging in my office this morning}

November 23, 2010

addis ababa {Ethiopia}

My husband is in Addis this week for work, and telling me how much the city has changed since we last visited. These are some images of our trip to Addis Ababa.

the netela

Ethiopian women use this cloth to cover their head and shoulders, especially when attending church. It is made up of two layers of fabric with colorful trimmings on the edges.
I got carried away when I went shopping for these and got many of them as well as cotton tablecloths.

the injera

A large soft, pancake like crepe served with a communal tray on which are an array of spicy sauces.
I tried it and enjoyed it {especially the sauces} but I it is definitely an "acquired taste".

mount entoto

One of the seven mountains that surround Addis, and the best location to observe the panoramic view of Addis Ababa both day and night.
On the top of the hill, stands St. Mary's Church built in 1885.
Our visit to Addis was just before "Fasika" {Ethiopian Easter}, so churches were packed with people praying.


along bolle

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