December 13, 2009

weekend bits

Last Saturday I finished the first part of my photography course. We spent all morning taking photos with macro lenses, talking about Douglas Kirkland, trying tripods and monopods with different cameras and just enjoying the last day of class.

With this macro lens we took photos of water drops on a CD. The result below is amazing! We arranged it on my coffee table and books and just played with the light and with some reflectors in different colors and sizes to create different effects.

With the same lens and technique we took photos of some painted recycled beads I have.

These are the cookies I baked on Sunday afternoon. Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies {more like chocolate chunk...} Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love your macro shots! I have to try the CD one out some time! Glad you are enjoying your photography course.

  2. I'm speechless... beautiful pics!!!

  3. Thank you! It was lots of fun to take those photos. Just playing with the lens and light.

  4. A piece of art!!! I looove the drops!!! Simply amazing!!!


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