December 22, 2009

stylish khanga

I picked up this fabric in Zanzibar, where khanga is commonly worn. This traditional East African cotton printed fabric is used by women as wraps.
Muslim women use khangas as head scarves or wrap them around like pieces of clothing to add to their modesty. Other women can be seen carrying their babies in khanga cloths on their backs, just like the "aguayo" is used in the Andean countries.

This is a classic top with bold and bright colors in a flower print. Hard to live in East Africa and not fall in love with this fabric. I also have lots of "kitenge" that I will be making into dresses, tops, skirts and accessories for a beach collection mixing it with organic cotton and linen.

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  1. hey i really like this style looks really comfy.
    how can i buy this and do u have more styles and prints in this?


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