December 1, 2009

colorful traditional clothing

In 1572, the Spanish prohibited the Quechua from wearing native Inca tunics and wrap-around dresses. Andean peoples then adopted the clothing still in use today. Quechua women wear skirts and blouses, with colorful woven shawls around their shoulders. Some traditional hats are embellished with sequins and beads. I love the intricate embroidery work on the colorful clothing and accessories. It is a great inspiration for my own work.

These "aguayos" have earth tones very often found in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. I have a collection of Bolivian "aguayos" that I keep around the house and sometimes use as blankets during the cold winter months. Each one is a work of art.


  1. The hats are so beautiful. And all the red!

  2. Yes, they are sooo beautiful! So much work and color.

  3. claudia mercadoMay 07, 2010

    beautiful pictures Anabel!!!

  4. Thank you Claudia. My favorite is the first one with all the work on the hat.


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