December 17, 2009

christmas around the world

Last night we went to see the Christmas concert at the kid's school. The theme was "Christmas Around the World".
Daniela's class was representing Africa (the whole continent...) so she wore a khanga, maasai necklaces and bracelets and beaded leather sandals from Kenya.
Sebastian's class was Spain and the teacher asked us to find a "torero". Finding the suit suit here was a real struggle. The girls wore ruffly "Sevillana" dresses.
It was real fun to see all the kids singing in different languages, even Russian and Kiswahili.


  1. I love that "Africa (the whole continent....)" - made me laugh! Gorgeous photos; I tried to photograph my niece's concert and didn't manage one good shot.

  2. ha ha!! Some mothers called me to ask me for costumes and I did not have enough for all the girls and boys, so I told them that if they were representing Africa as a continent with 54 countries (including the islands...) they could also wear a kaftan or a galabeyya. Daniela wore a khanga because I have some and also the jewelry otherwise she would have worn her belly dancing costume.. ha. It was a fun night!


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