November 23, 2009

weekend bits

We had a busy weekend. Daniela danced at the theater on Saturday and Sunday night... but the function at home started since early afternoon with makeup and lots of bobby pins to keep her chignon in place. I must confess I struggled to make it nicely and was very afraid that after her first dance it would fall apart. Luckily it did not and she looked radiant throughout the whole performance. I had to borrow from one of the other mothers red lipstick and black eyeliner to finish her makeup because I do not have any of those things in my makeup bag. Truth is my makeup bag consists of two or three basic things that I throw away unused every year because I don't use them. Even Daniela felt relieved when she washed her face after we came home from the theater.

Saturday I attended my photography workshop with very frustrating results at the beginning trying to learn how to adjust the camera to the different apertures and shutter speeds my teacher requested...

In between all that we also had time to enjoy homemade waffles with maple syrup.


  1. Lovely glimpses of your weekend!
    I know the feeling with the photography lessons! I felt quite at sea at times - but by the end of the course I felt I did have a much better understanding. When it came to my home work projects - some were lovely and some were just plain embarrassing!

  2. thank you! My photography course is for one month. Three classes a week, three hours each class... for the first module. I hope that by the end of fourth module I will be able to take good photos. Practice, practice...


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