November 30, 2009

dining out in Cusco {Peru}. last weekend's trip

I believe that one of the most important things when planning a trip is where to eat???
I usually check out the restaurants and make reservations before traveling to a new city, but that is not a problem in Peru! The food is wonderful everywhere. It is the true Latin American soul food.
Living in a landlocked country, I was hoping to eat lots of fish and I was not disappointed. The fish and shrimp ceviches were as good as in Lima where there is a "cevicheria" in almost every corner.

The "chupe de camarones" {shrimp chowder} is one of my favorite dishes. It is a meal in itself. A nice and cozy mixture of seafood and vegetables in a spicy creamy broth.

Cusco is located at 3,400 meters above sea level, so after each meal I had to have a cup or two of "mate de coca" {coca leaf tea} to fight the altitude sickness.

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