October 19, 2009

a family favorite {tres leches}

Yesterday I made one of my family's favorite desserts, Tres Leches. For many years I have been making this wonderful sweet delight, adjusting to altitude whenever I have moved to a city above 1500 meters.
It is very easy to make but I always start the day before to make sure that it has chilled completely before we eat it.


  1. This looks amazingly decadent. I see it is a Mexican specialty! I think I will have to give it a try.

  2. In Costa Rica we see it more as a Nicaraguan dessert. The difference with the Mexican is that we do not add any vanilla to the milk mixture, which makes it lighter and easier to eat. My kids wanted to have it for breakfast!!!.....

  3. Ooh it does look good but I would love the vanilla. I love vanilla in anything!

  4. It looks wonderful! I just googled it to find out more, as I'd never heard of it. This is something I have to try!

  5. Gonna sit and write the recipe for you girls. I do not have it in writing yet... I just remember it. I made it a million times when I had my restaurant in the highlands of Panama. It was a hit there.


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