September 10, 2009

seaweed harvesting

On a recent visit to Zanzibar I took these photos of local women harvesting seaweed on the beach.
The weed was introduced in Zanzibar from the Philipines in 1988. Today, seaweed farming is a small local industry to many Zanzibari islanders.
Every morning women and children go to work at sea. I asked about the final destination of the product and was told that it is shipped to Europe and Japan in containers. It is then used on medicines. cosmetics and preservation of beers and foods.

Happy Weekend!! I am off to Buenos Aires tomorrow for a short holiday.

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  1. Love the photos.. que sensacion de paz y serenidad.. wao hermana que privilegio conocer tantos rincones fantasticos!! Disfruta Buenos Aires y Espero verte pronto!!!


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