September 20, 2009

flea market finds #4 {San Telmo, Buenos Aires}

Gauchos wanderers of the Pampas, romantic figures, hard-working horsemen, men of myth and historical significance. The gauchos are the cowboys of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Original Gaucho Boleadoras, used to catch horses, ostriches or deer. They consist of two large balls of wood or stone covered with hide attached to two strips of hide of an equal lenght fastened to a third strip made with and equal or smaller ball at the end of it.

Ponchos are used to protect from the cold winters in the pampas. The poncho is a square blanket with an opening in the center to introduce the head. It identifies the person who wears it. It varies in groups of symbolic codes, materials, colors and designs. The red ones are from Salta in Argentina.

Hundreds of espadrilles in vivid colors and designs that remind me of the years I lived in Spain.

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