August 24, 2009

spring - summer accessories

My accessories for next summer have been a great hit at the shows. I have flower necklaces, flowers & "bobbles", and just "bobbles".

Each flower is joined together by a crochet chain and made with 100% pima cotton. Girls can move them around the chain and create their own look each time they wear them.

Flowers & "bobbles" also joined by crochet chain in contrasting color.


  1. Those bobbles look like they have a lovely weight, and would feel good to wear!

  2. They are filled with synthetic fiber so kids... and mommies can wear them. I thought about wooden balls to fill them but thought it would be dangerous for little girls.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Momtrends--it led me to your blog. I'd love to connect and share your work with my readers. You can reach me at capricornwriter (at) hotmail (9dot) com.

  4. I love your crochet necklaces, they are beautiful!!, kisses from Kenya, Silvia

  5. Thank you so much Silvia! I miss life in Nairobi. Kisses back to you :-)


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