August 23, 2009

new family member {russell}

For a long time we've been dying to have a dog. Unfortunately, for work reasons {and adventure...} we have been moving a lot in the last four years. First we moved cities, then countries, then continents and a few months ago - continents AGAIN!
We won't stay long on this side of the world but the dog issue could not wait anymore, so three weeks ago we went on a dog hunt. 
This is our Russell! The kids chose the name, I don't know why. I wanted to name him Jambo but they did not let me...
He's captivated our hearts and those of our neighbors, so he now is cuddled by a HUGE family.



A safari suit was a must after living a few years in Kenya. 


  1. He's so very cute! Russell suits him perfectly. And I love his safari suit!

  2. omg, he's so cute. I want one like him!.

    I totally understand you on the living abroad and dog issue, bf and I would love to have a pet, but 2 persons + a dog in a small flat with no garden to play around is just not good. We will have to wait.

  3. We love having him around and he is the center of attention in the house these days.... we have a new baby!

  4. Russell is so cute. Dogs do bring such joy to the family unit.


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