July 31, 2009

finished scarves

I finally managed to finish the two pink scarves I started two weeks ago. It took me some extra time to make knit them because I wanted to change the stitch a bit.


July 29, 2009

cherries {my way}

Crochet hook #4 + pima cotton in four colors =


July 28, 2009

bubble blog - kids news & trends

Thank you so much to Florence Rolando for featuring Fournier on her Bubble Blog - Kids News & Trends. I will be attending the Bubble show this weekend in New York to show my spring-summer 2010 collection. 


July 27, 2009

weekend bits

It's been a quiet weekend. Stayed home working on my website {still needs a lot of photos}, and on samples for the show. It has been filled with these:






July 24, 2009

happy weekend

Have a great weekend everyone!! 
I will be home with my family trying to finish the scarves from last weekend and embellishing some of the samples I will be taking to New York next week.


bubble new york {spring-summer 2010}

I'm getting ready to go to New York next week. On August 2 - 4 I will be showing my collection at the Bubble trade show in the city along with other designers from the United States, Europe and Asia.
The show has a new venue this season. It will take place at: Cedar Lake, 547 West 26 Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood.


July 23, 2009

around the corner

Art can be found all over Nairobi. This was just around the corner from my house on Ngecha Road where a very small workshop produced these unique pieces of rustic but functional art made out of driftwood.



July 22, 2009

more tassels

I have also used tassels on some of the sweaters for next season and on blankets for this fall-winter season.


On this sweater I used pearl tassels to contrast with the soft baby pink and intricate knit stitch.


Tassels look different when made with baby alpaca. This ivory blanket is a must in every nursery. Soft and warm in a size that fits the stroller and bassinet.

July 21, 2009

tassels {& linen blankets}

For next spring-summer I will have in my collection a hooded linen blanket in two color combinations:
-Navy blue and ecru with navy pima cotton tassels.
-Ecru and white with ecru pima cotton tassels.
These blankets match with my "Mish" two piece set for babies and booties.



July 20, 2009

weekend bits

{farmer's market on Saturday}


{enjoyed a good cup of coffee}


{homemade vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche... my favorite}


{make chinese knot buttons - finished, phew!}


{start a new scarf - loving it!}


July 17, 2009

weekend palette

What are you doing this weekend? I will be playing around with these colors over the weekend. Knitting crochet scarves, making chinese knot buttons for a private label order, and making tassels for shawls.

Happy Weekend!!



Pants, hats, sweaters and blankets drying on a screen after a delicate hand wash. When thoroughly dried we iron and label every piece, then carefully pack each item into bags and ship to clients.


These are baby pants for the sweater + pant sets in my Fall-Winter 09/10 Collection. They are knitted with a blend of baby alpaca and bamboo. 


Baby hats in an array of pastel colors also in baby alpaca and bamboo. To differentiate sizes before we label, we mark each piece with a contrasting piece of thread {watch the mint thread on the pink hat above}.


These are sweaters {more like little coats} for a custom order. The original sample has ivory and pink stripes. 

NOTE: We wash everything inside out. Why? Because when dried we check again in... and out.

July 16, 2009


A true classic, the "beetle" is part of my new rattle toy collection for Spring-Summer 2010. Takes about a week to knit and stitch together all the tiny details to it.


July 15, 2009

my favorite flower

On a window box in Paris.



July 14, 2009

cuisine moleculaire {molecular gastronomy}

The last of the installations at Playtime Paris was called Cuisine Moleculaire. It featured fluorescent gelatins, colorful toys and cushions. A great space for kids to spend some time while their parents placed orders.

paris,playtime,spring summer,fournier

archeo-legumes {archeo veggies}

This installation by Laure Guilhot was next to my booth at Playtime Paris. It featured giant vegetables and fruits. Children's clothing poured out of the watering cans instead of water. You could sit on the eggplants and potatoes. I loved the idea!


July 13, 2009

pain au chocolat

My favorite while in France... pain au chocolat. It is my breakfast everyday while I'm there and sometimes even my lunch or dinner. 

paris,things i love,food

July 12, 2009

July 11, 2009

maternity wear installation

Fourteen maternity brands were exhibiting at Playtime Paris this week. They were grouped in a section of the show and in the center was an installation by Marie-Cecile Lambry, styled by Laurence Gounel.



Part of the installation looked like the roots of a tree with tiny babies hanging from them.


July 10, 2009

petites douceurs {little sweets}

At Playtime Paris this week one of the displays was this combination of cookies and clothes. The cookies were created by Chez Bogato. Pauline Ricard Andre used the cookies and clothing to make a giant mobile that looked absolutely amazing.

July 3, 2009


I got to Paris this morning and went straight to the show venue to set up my space for the show that starts tomorrow. 
I am now finally back at the hotel and with no intentions to go out anymore... even if I am here for just a few days. I am sooooo tired and jet lagged!!!!! 

July 2, 2009

my favorite

The crochet flower scarf is still my favorite accessory. It can also be used as a belt or headband.

July 1, 2009

new photos

From my spring-summer 2010 collection. Red linen dresses and crochet "bobble" necklace.

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