June 2, 2009

spring summer 2010 {first photos}

Today my dear friend Euridice came with her daughter Sofia to model some of my designs for the spring-summer 2010 collection. We could only take some photos because most of the clothing and accessories are still in process to be ready for the show in Paris the first week of July.
Sofia's photos are going to be in my banners for the show and website soon.


  1. What an exciting build up to the launch of the new collection.

  2. Lovely photo! The yarns in your previous post make my mouth water, they really do.

  3. Very nice ! I just discovered your brand, love the dresses mixing handknit and fabric.
    PS : my working table is most of the time a terrible mess... But I do try to keep tidy when I´m finished... And I also try to knit only one project at the time. And all the yarns I don´t use, I still use them for the narrow scarves.


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