May 25, 2009

what I missed today

Been in bed all day recovering from a horrible flu I caught over the weekend. Missed my usual non-fat cappuccino at Dorman's today, but have been drinking rooibos tea thinking it might help me get better.... hopefully it will.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't well. Hubby is sick today too. It's funny that I posted a coffee pic yesterday too.

    Hugs and kisses for a speedy recovery!!

  2. Been working until very late these past weeks and I guess now I am feeling it... Not easy to stay in bed with two young kids, but I did manage to send them to school and sleep a bit more today :-)) Thank you so much!! Gonna check your coffee posting. Cheers!

  3. Missing good coffee is not a good thing!!!
    Hope you are caffeine fit again!

  4. yes!!! still taking medicines for my cold but enjoying my morning coffee sooo much!!!


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