May 17, 2009

weekend almost over {knitting progress}

It is Sunday afternoon and I'm quite happy with my knitting/crochet progress. I finished eight scarves and made flowers for another three. It has been raining on and off all weekend so it has been perfect for knitting and feeling the warmth of the wool in my hands.

Natural colors and a warm pumpkin hue on these scarves... they are more like necklaces that you can wear almost eight months a year if they are made with wool. The pima cotton scarves can be worn year round and they look amazing with just a white t-shirt.

I did not have enough baby alpaca/silk wool to join these flowers together, but luckily I have a heather light blue & gray baby alpaca wool that matches perfectly. I just had a 50gr. skein of the solid light blue and though it would be enough.... anyhow, I think the combination of both yarns will look really nice once it is finished. 

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