May 4, 2009

giraffe rattles

When printing my animal t-shirts from my sunny Africa range I also print fabric that I cut into one meter pieces. I use the fabric later to make toy bags, cushions and rattles.
Yesterday I managed to finish some giraffe rattles. I embroidered them around the edge with contrasting royal blue thread and added a french knot eye.


  1. I had some printed fabric with same giraffe motif and made some bags to put the rattles in. Will post some photos this week, and also try to make more in boy's colors....

  2. Those are so gorgeous!

  3. Thank you!!! A shop in Nairobi took them all... not that I made so many, but managed to finish eight and they loved them. I have an Etsy shop but unfortunately the shipping from Kenya seems to scare customers... cheers


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